Air plants tillandsia at Urban Jungle in Philadelphia.

About Us

Creating sustainable green urban environments is the driving force nurturing Urban Jungle. Urban spaces present challenges to all gardeners and Urban Jungle envisions gardens that maximize the use of the abundant vertical space the city has to offer. Each project is tailored to the demands of the site, the taste of the client and the goal of bringing color and life to the masonry structure.

Urban Jungle's President, Curt Alexander grew up on a vineyard in California, which fostered his love of horticulture and his mechanical engineering education at West Point honed his engineering design skills. All of these experiences coalesced during his time living in Philadelphia, where he began to cultivate the idea of maximizing vertical spaces. Urban Jungle longs to bring a green vibe to the city.

Urban Jungle has a staff of artisans and architects that specialize in creating dynamic, flowing natural gardens on vertical surfaces. Urban Jungle is a full service vertical landscaping company whose mission is to bring nature to the urban environment by taking advantage of the blank canvas, of brick and mortar fronts. To that end, we also stock in our garden center a broad selection of indoor and outdoor plants, containers, window boxes, and supplies necessary for the completion of any self sustaining project.